Sports Massage

Benefits of Sports Massage

Regular Massage can benefit our health immensely. Here are just some of the health benefits of going for consistent massage treatments…

  •   Stay strong – Massage encourages circulation, and may help keep the immune system strong by increasing the production of white blood cells, whose role it is to help fight off illness.


  •  Joint flexibility – through stimulation of the circulatory system, vital nutrients are brought to them. Gentle mobilisation techniques will also help keep them flexible and supple by increasing the production of synovial fluid.


  • Relax – Simply allowing the body to fall into a state of relaxation has amazing benefits: it encourages deeper breathing, bringing more oxygen to the blood; it aids the release of endorphins, ‘feel-good hormones’ to improve mood and it stimulates the digestive system, allowing more efficient absorption of nutrients – to help keep those bugs at bay! In turn, this greater relaxation can lead to a better quality of sleep!
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