I now provide Kinesio taping as part of rehabilitative therapy.  Kinesio taping is applied post soft tissue therapy to facilitate the body’s natural healing process whilst providing support and stability without restricting the body’s range of motion.

Sports – Support for sport where injury has occurred.

I have taped for regular niggles and sore muscles and have also taped for support for events. I have taped a shoulder to help support a damaged muscle for sailing, several ankles in different areas after sprains and strains, one for marathon training and one for a 5k obstacle course.

Injury – Support for work and rehabilitate effects.

I have taped knees to help stop medial tracking of the patella, I have taped lower backs, shoulders and necks to help off load muscles and help alleviate trigger points, I have also used it to lift muscle to help alleviate nerve impingement at the shoulder and neck.

Rehabilitation – Swelling reduction and increases blood flow.

Kinesio taping lifts the skin and fascia which facilitates swelling reduction and increases blood flow to injured areas.

As well as treating clients, I have treated myself! Taping my foot and ankle after a sprain, helping to support it so I could run, I have also taped my wrist, and it has to be said I was surprised at how good the tape was for supporting the muscles and at aiding the speed of my recovery.

If you are interested in Kinesio taping please book a session with me and I can apply post massage, if you are a regular customer who wants taping for a specific event then please contact me.