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Neck and Shoulder Pain – Text Neck

Neck and shoulder pain… this is a fairly common complaint, many people suffer with pain going down their arm and often causing numbness in their hand, fingers or thumb, often they also have restriction in the range of movement in the neck, though may not actually have any pain in the neck region.

These symptoms are often the result of nerve compression or impingement resulting from poor posture causing joint misalignment, local scar tissue that can restrict the nerve causing some motor and / or sensory loss along the arm, as well as chronic muscle tension in the neck and shoulder which can compress the nerves and blood vessels, all of these cause neural symptoms to occur along the brachial nerve plexes into the arm.

If you are unsure about your posture book in for a free consultation and or read this blog post about what is covered in a consultation.

The common phenomenon of “text neck” is often to blame, with our phone-obsessed culture many of us spend a lot of time looking down at our phones. Though there are many reasons why the muscles around your neck and shoulders get congested, whether its stress and tension or a repetitive movement you do in your activities.



Deep tissue massage can often resolve the issue by reducing the tension and congestion in the muscles allowing them to relax and therefore stopping any restriction that has occurred in the blood vessels and nerves, realigning the muscle fibers and lengthening the muscle back to its original length allows any compression occurring at the joint of the shoulder to be relieved, this also enables better posture of the neck and shoulders, which once you have been made aware of and by doing stretches and exercise to help, is much easier to maintain. Thus with the increased blood flow and improved posture, the nerve will begin heal and the pain will go away.