Soft Tissue Therapy

Pre and Post Event Sports Massage

Pre and post event sports massage.. It’s that time of year when we start to challenge ourselves and sign up to many different types of events and races. Having carried out several pre and post massages for clients whom were running different marathons it was great to hear how it benefited them while running and helped the recovery afterwards.

A pre-event massage is aimed at stimulating the muscles increasing the blood flow to increase the oxygen levels, it involves faster and often shorter massage strokes, but also to make sure that the muscles have recovered from training and identify and treat any areas of the muscles that may be congested, making sure that the muscles are at the correct length and have no adverse tension left in them, enabling you to perform at your very best.

Ideally pre event therapy can be carried out a couple of days before or even as close as 30 minuets before an event. Though I have had clients that have benefited from having it done up to a week before their event.

A post-event massage is to help aid recovery and help flush waste products out of the muscles, helping to prevent aching and stiffness. Longer and slower massage strokes are used, this helps to realign the muscles fibers getting rid of the waste products and increasing the micro-circulation, preventing them from getting sticky it also helps to relax the body and mind. Gentle passive stretching can also be carried out to help elongate the muscle getting them back to their correct length. This type of massage can be done around acute injuries and in some cases even with an ice pack on, it can help reduce the swelling around the injury, aiding recovery.

Post event therapy should be carried out as soon as possible after an event, though again I have had people benefit from it a couple of days after their event or even a week later.



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