Sports Massage

Neuromuscular Technique

For those of you that have received treatments from me, will be aware that at times I stop on certain points of a muscle and apply pressure to it and hold it, for what I’m sure for many of you feels like an eternity! It is in fact for only up to 90 seconds!  There are lots and lots of these “trigger points” all over your body and some of them release muscles in different areas of the body to where the pressure is being applied.


What I’m doing is affecting the way your nervous system sends it messages to the muscle, changing its reflex pathway, this removes the tension in the affected area and the discomfort goes away, this leaves the muscle in a new position of comfort and the neuromuscular system recognizes it and sets it as the new normal muscle tone.

Having done it on my own shoulder I know how effective it can be, even though mine was done using a ball and the wall!