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Client Case Study – Callum

Callum had originally come to see me in July of last year to try to get some relief from his back pain due to a herniated disc in his lower back, the pain was so bad it was travelling down his leg and stopping him from being able to carry on with his daily routine, he couldn’t walk his dogs or play golf and there was no position that he could get into that would give him any sort of relief, this had been going on since April.

Callum’s posture was terrible, he was hunched over, his lower back was arched and his left leg was very laterally rotated making his toes point outwards and all the muscles had gone into spasm making them very short and tight allowing very little movement.

My plan was to lengthen all of these muscles and get them back into a neutral position, relax and lengthen his lower back to improve his posture, increase his range of movement and stop the muscles from going into spasm.

After the first treatment there was an improvement, the muscles were softer and there was an in increase in his range of movement at the hip. We continued with the treatment plan and though the range of movement was increasing each time and his posture was improving, the pain in his lower back improved for a time after each treatment, but unfortunately this was something I couldn’t fix.

So after seeking medical advice Callum had a discectomy operation on his back.

Since the operation the only pain Callum was getting was from his very poor posture where the muscles had been stuck in one position for so long, so it was back to original treatment plan to get him standing and moving better.

So after realigning his left leg and getting the muscles in his right leg balanced, lengthening and relaxing the lower back muscles and reducing the build up of scar tissue from the site of the operation, Callum was standing straighter and walking and moving around much better!

Callum was now back walking his dogs and enjoying being out and about again and being virtually pain free, he still does his daily stretches to help maintain the correct length of his muscles and stop himself from getting stiff. Now, the next Challenge, Callum wanted to get back to playing golf, and he was finding it difficult to swing the club!

I started with improving the range of movement in his thoracic back, which helps to carry out the twisting movement needed, reducing the congestion and lengthening the short tight muscles, I also looked at the rotator cuff muscles around the shoulder and all the muscles that internally rotate the arm to help with the follow through of the swing.

Having treated Callum with many different techniques, including Effleurage, petrissage, transverse massage, friction, neuromuscular technique and soft tissue release, MET and Myofascial release (he was quite used to me pulling him around) he is now back playing golf, but unfortunately I can’t help Callum with his golfing handicap!



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