Sports Massage

Winter is coming…

Stretching before and after exercise is very important, many injuries occur due to the muscles not being warmed up or cooled down.

Warming up helps to prepare your body and muscles for the activity, it gets the blood pumping around your body and the oxygen to your muscles providing food and energy to the muscle fibers, this helps to prevent pulling or tearing of the muscle fibers.This is especially important in the cold weather, warm up indoors if you can before heading out in the cold.  Your muscles will be more efficient if warmed up rather than them trying to get warm while you are powering through the cold air.

Cooling down stretches at the end helps to get your muscles relaxed and back to their normal length, it also helps to remove the waste products that have built up in your muscles, meaning you wont feel as achy and stiff the next day and are able to exercise more often, though do remember that your body needs a rest, repetitive daily activity can cause over use problems, so remember to mix it up, try something new and have fun and then relax in the warm and get all toasty!