Sports Massage

Assesment and Consultation

What’s involved in your consultation and assessment.

After talking through what you feel your problems are, I will look at your posture and alignment, looking at the position of your head, your shoulders, the position of your hips and how they align with each other and how they are having an affect on shape of your spine.

I will also look at your range of movement at the area of pain or how you move on the whole if it’s not one particular area of pain. I will then carry out some tests on these muscles both actively and passively; this not only tests for muscle pain but also can help to rule out any joint issues that could be causing the pain instead of muscle. These tests also help to show me if there is any loss of power in a muscle which could indicate a tear in the tendon and or muscle, also allowing me to see how flexible you are, whether it’s a lack of flexibility or hyper-mobility that could be adding to the problem.

I like to have a feel of the tissues to see if I can find any particular areas in the muscles that feel tight and congested. All the way through I’ll be talking to you about what you do on a daily basis activity wise, at work and outside of work and what the problem is stopping you from doing. All of this helps me to build up an idea of the problem so that I can explain to you a treatment plan and how I can hopefully remedy it and get you out of pain and back to what you want to be doing.