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Lower back pain and Trigger Points

Lower back pain and trigger points.
Lower back pain can be suffered by anyone, whether into sports or not.  I recently treated a kitesurfer who was suffering with lower back pain.  This was easily treated with some basic soft tissue therapy then work on trigger points.  Pain was eased within the session and my client reported back that no lower back pain was felt the next morning, which is when it seemed to be worse.  Read on for more detail…


Neuro-Muscular technique (Trigger Point) on your Piriformis:

Your Pirifomis is one of your lateral rotators of the hip, it also abducts the hip when your hip is flexed. It lies beneath your Gluteus maximus, and is superficial to your sciatic nerve, so when this muscle becomes over-contracted it can compress the nerve causing pain. It can also give symptoms of lower back pain, groin, buttock and hip pain.

Your Piriformis has two trigger points along it, one near the sacrum and the other in the middle of your Gluteus maximus. By applying pressure, pressing into these trigger points it relaxes the muscle making it feel more comfortable and affecting the neuromuscular system by disrupting it and resetting the reflex pathway of the muscle. Meaning the muscle has a new resting state. Often when pressing into these points of the Piriformis the pain can refer or radiate to other areas such as the posterior and lateral surface of the buttocks and down the posterior surface of the thigh, once the tissues under the trigger point have released and the pressure being applied removed both the muscle with the trigger point and the referring pain feel better, and the presenting pain may have gone altogether.



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